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It was a vision of our Founding Chairman, Late Shri Harish Chandra Gandhi, to give to the society more then we get. That is how the society and humans grow.



Every activity done at Chitra Metals is to create money. Money for our clients, money for our vendors, money for our team and money for us.

But money comes with responsibility. A responsibility to help the society grow and come out of adverse situations. 


Our founders created a policy at Chitra Metals to put a part of profit for social benefit and we have been following it since. Gradually this personal practice became a corporate practice at Chitra Metals which blossomed into Chitra Foundation. A foundation where we contribute a portion from our every sale to this foundation, which is then used as per its charter, in various social benefit works.

Over the years, we have seen people in society who had to face devastation circumstances due to shortage of money. Hence we felt it is our responsibility to contribute back in the best way possible so that we can create a difference in an individual's life.


We raise funds from the sale made at Chitra Metals and also get donations from our peers who have aligned their vision with that of the foundation. This fund is then governed by Foundation’s charter that has clear details on how to utilise the fund. We have brought in trustees who overlook the working of the foundation and see that no part is used for personal gain of any of the contributors.

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Image by Pranav Kumar Jain

Supporting Old Age Homes

Chitra Foundation believes in eradicating of old age homes following the path of the great Mahatma Gandhi. But as of today, there are so many children who have left their parents at old age homes for various reasons. The Chitra Foundation team does regular contribution and visits at old age homes to cheer up the unfortunates who are living there.


Though there are many things in society that needs changing but due to the limit of resources and time we can not create a difference in everything. Hence, over the years we have seen a pattern. With time we have identified two areas that bring tears to our eyes when we see people suffering because of lack of funds.

Image by Devaiah Mallangada Kalaiah

Medical Expenses for Infants or Toddlers

Children are God's blessing to the parents. Unfortunately, there are several cases we have come across when an innocent life was lost due to severe lack of medical funding as parents couldn't afford the required treatment / operation. Chitra Foundation as taken this challenge to support as many parents as possible to save their beautiful soul.


YES! Everyone is welcome to join this initiative. Any form of contribution (be it your time or money) will be helpful in making a difference is someone's life. The more people join in, the magnitude of making difference multiplies.

So, if you think you can contribute in any way possible, give us a call and we can together make a difference.

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