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With an exceptional track record of 41+ years in business and 28000+ customer base across India, Chitra is a brand that stands for Growth.


With time we have increased our capacity annually and have seen exponential growth in delivery capacity in the last 4 years. 


We have increased our dispatch by 500% in the last 3 years, currently standing at a delivery capacity of 8000mt annually. Chitra Metals, with its widest range in market, stands taller than the competition by providing a one stop shop for our customers in the domain of plywood, hardware, glass, aluminium dealers and fabricators with turn-key projects.


With exponential growth achieved over the course of 36 months, we have implemented various changes on management level and automated business processes with guidance from industry experts. We have established various SOP’s and frameworks in our customer service and we have been reciprocated with additional orders. 


With industry’s best financials,

Debtor Cycle    14.54 days

Current Ratio    3:1

Debt Ratio        0.13:1

We at Chitra Metals, take extra measures to keep our investor’s money safe and growing over the course of decades. 


At this summit, we are confident to say, we are working at a level where we have seen investors coming in to join and be a part of the growth of Chitra Metals. We have also seen institutional investors backing us with repeated investments.

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