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Aluminium Pattern Sheets

Aluminium Pattern Sheets are very light, hygienic, rust-free and are quite easy to clean them. Pattern sheets are made of aluminium and they are resistant to corrosion and deformations. Actually, the pattern sheets are the result of cold rolling various metals like stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, and some ductile metals like copper in sheet and the coil format. These pattern sheets are levelled and processed for optimum flatness. The manufacturing of aluminium pattern sheets is undergone through the process of sophisticated technology.

There is widespread use of aluminium pattern sheets in today's world. The industrial, manufacturing, and the construction world are the main customers for pattern sheets. They are considered to be ideal choices for decorative applications and interior panelling for trucks, cabins and the others.

Aluminium pattern sheets are available in the different designs like diamond, two-bar, five-bar, North Star and propeller. These sheets are easily be bent or curved according to the requirements of the structure where they are likely to be fitted. The pattern sheets are quite easy to maintain and they look aesthetic in design and shape too.

Types of Aluminium Sheets

Aluminium sheets are of different types that are as follows:

  1. Ribbed Sheets

  2. Anodized Sheets

  3. Corrugated Sheets

  4. Perforated Sheets

  5. Chequered Sheets

  6. Composite Sheets

  7. Brushed Sheets

  8. Many More.

Reasons to Choose Aluminium Pattern Sheets

  1. Quite light in weight and are also cost effective for the transport and logistics- based solutions.

  2. Perfect choice for building and structural designs.

  3. Easily change shape through the melting process to suit the requirements.

  4. Fully fireproof except in thin sheets.

  5. Leave no toxic gases when these sheets are melted.

  6. Easily recyclable.

  7. Durable and low maintenance cost.

  8. Resistant to corrosion in moisture exposed applications.

  9. Suitable for energy efficient heating and lighting systems.

  10. Available in different ranges of sizes and thickness.

The pattern sheets are less exposed to the scratches, dents, and the other damages in comparison to plain, flat and polished metal sheets.

Chitra Metals is a renowned brand name in Aluminium & Steel industry. We have a special niche in this field. We have a strong presence in over 15 states with an extensive network of distributors across India even in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

We are equipped with expertise in aluminium & steel domain and are ready to provide you anything related to this field with respect to your specific requirements. We have a huge variety of aluminium sheet, plate and foil sizes. Any aluminium panel between 0.2mm to 6.5mm thick is generally considered an aluminium sheet.

We are committed to serve you to the best of our abilities. Our motto is not just making profits but also to provide you with complete satisfaction by consistently fulfilling your aluminium & steel related requirements with the support of our robust team which is available round the clock to respond to you timely. We believe in timely delivery of your aluminium material requirements to have a sustainable growth both in our relations and the business too.

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